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We help you navigate ERP
Complexity by Bringing in the
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Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) systems are the backbone of efficient business operations. ASBM specializes in ERP staffing and is committed to connecting you with professionals who can optimize your ERP solutions.
Our hiring specialists possess a deep understanding of ERP systems, including popular platforms like SAP, Oracle, and Microsoft Dynamics. They are well-versed in sourcing experts who can streamline your processes, enhance data management, and drive productivity.
ASBM takes a personalized approach to ensure that the professionals we source align precisely with your business objectives. With a large pool of talents, ASBM ensures you have access to experts who can navigate the complexities of ERP systems, whether it’s for finance, supply chain, or human resources.

Staffing Solutions For

ERP Solutions Specialization

ERP specialists play critical roles in helping organizations optimize their operations,
achieve efficiency, and make informed decisions.

Workday Services

In Workday Services, ERP specialists lead and support the
implementation of the services; work closely with the
clients; configure and customize Workday applications to
align the organization’s unique requirements; provide
training for end-users and administrators; help with ongoing

Oracle Solutions

Oracle ERP specialists lead the implementation; manage
various modules such as financials, procurement, and
supply chain; customize Oracle solutions to align with the
organization’s specific business processes; and
continuously monitor and optimize Oracle ERP systems for
performance, scalability, and efficiency.

Microsoft Solutions

Specialists of Microsoft Dynamics 365 Finance and
Operations oversee the implementation of the ERP systems;
configure modules and workflows to meet specific business
processes and industry requirements; implement Microsoft
product integrations; and apply upgrades and
enhancements to improve system functionality.

SAP Solutions

SAP specialists lead SAP ERP implementations, covering
various modules like finance, logistics, and human
resources. They work closely with clients to align SAP
solutions with their unique business processes; integrate
SAP ERP with other systems and applications; provide
ongoing support, resolve issues, and apply upgrades to SAP
systems, ensuring that they remain up-to-date and