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VikingCloud provides end-to-end managed security and cutting-edge, customer-focused solutions

Our Cyber Threat Unit is a team of cybersecurity experts that identifies risks through the lens of both defender and adversary to help companies protect their reputation, data, revenue, and customers.

The Challenge

Global Tech Company

Leaders of a large global technology company knew that the best defense against a cyberattack was to regularly put their processes, systems, and people to the test. That’s why they engaged VikingCloud’s Cyber Threat Unit of ethical hackers to:

The solution

A good tester is a good hacker.

There’s a lot to be said for understanding your enemy,” says John McAndrew, VikingCloud’s Director of Professional Services. Understanding the adversary is precisely what VikingCloud’s Cyber Threat Unit does – by staying on top of ever-evolving cybersecurity threat trends. To help measure, and uplevel, an organization’s cybersecurity response, the Cyber Threat Unit uses a four-phase approach:

The Result

Managed Security Testing in

After learning that it was vulnerable to security misconfigurations and that it faced redundancy issues in some of its cloud environments, the technology company’s work with VikingCloud’s Cyber Threat Unit led to

  • Improved processes to help prevent security misconfigurations and ensure that critical information is stored safely in the cloud.
  • Top-notch cybersecurity awareness and breach response training for employees and key stakeholders.