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In today’s data-driven landscape, making informed decisions is paramount. At ASBM, we have a dedicated recruitment team that is well-versed in the intricacies of business analytics and is dedicated to sourcing professionals who can transform your data into actionable strategies.
Since business analytics encompasses a wide spectrum, from data mining and predictive modeling to data visualization and reporting, we work closely with you to identify your specific needs and connect you with experts who can drive results.
With a wide network of analytics professionals, ASBM ensures you have access to professionals who have a deep understanding of industry-specific challenges and the tools necessary to overcome them. Whether you needdata analysts, data scientists, or business intelligence specialists, we have you covered.

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Business Analytics Specialization

Business analysts play vital roles in various aspects of an organization. Be it improving
the process or analyzing the market or coming up with strategies

Process Improvement

In Process Improvement, business analysts identify
inefficiencies; collect and analyze data, and highlight KPIs;
implement process improvements; monitor, evaluate, and
provide data-driven feedback; give recommendations for
streamlining operations.

Business Analysis

Here, the business analysts gather and document business
requirements; create use cases; perform data modeling,
design databases, data flows, and data structures; map data
elements to business processes and requirements; and
provide insights to support decision-making.

Business Intelligence

In Business Intelligence, analysts visualize data using
business intelligence tools to accurately present the data;
discover trends, patterns, and insights for strategic
decisions; define and monitor performance metrics aligned
with business goals; and support business decisions.

Project Management

In Project Management, business analysts initiate projects.
They gather the requirements and define the scope of the
projects. They also offer insights into data availability, quality,
and potential challenges. Business analysts track project
progress, assess risks, and propose strategies to address

Customer Risk & Operations

In this area, data analysts collect data related to customer
risk and operations; build predictive models to assess and
detect anomalies; suggest data-driven operational
improvements; and monitor the risk and operations in
various areas such as supply chain, inventory management,
or customer service.

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